This is (…) about using statistics to understand a process of exponential growth linked to coughing. No, not coronavirus. I’m talking about Charles Ingram’s infamous 2001 appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? where he (allegedly) cheated his way to win £1 million with the help of his wife, Diana Ingram, and a man called Tecwen Whittock. (…)

A recent ITV drama has sparked interest in the Ingrams and Whittock again. James Graham’s miniseries Quiz presents the Ingrams in a pretty favourable light, highlighting the problems with the legal case against them and some questions that remain unanswered to this day. (…)

Despite the British public and the courts having clearly made their mind up about the Ingrams’ guilt, Graham’s documentary raises the question: could this actually have been a nightmare scenario for the Ingrams, where a respectable couple’s reputation was dragged through the mud by a vindictive and bitter production team who built up a plausible story on flimsy evidence? (…)