PhD, R&D software engineering

Hi there!
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I closed my Facebook account in 2012, sorry not sorry Zuck.

Work experience

Apr 2019 – present: Senior P2P engineer, then R&D tech lead at Streamroot / Lumen, company specialized in content delivery at scale. A key product makes users exchange video segments between each other, thus reducing the requirements in backend throughput. It provides a crisper picture while being cheaper and greener than traditional CDNs.

Dec 2017 – Mar 2019: Lead developer at Watcha, Lyon, young editor of a unified collaboration tool for businesses focusing on data governance. I managed a developer and was in charge of security of the product, including end-to-end encryption.

Oct 2015 – Mar 2019: Creator of a robust audio ad blocker, compatible with radios and podcasts: Adblock Radio. Open-sourced components on Github and described how it works. Project accelerated at Boost In Lyon (S1 2017) and at Lyon Startup (S2 2017). Gathered a community and got press coverage, but did not find a viable business model.

2015 – 2016: Technical cofounder of Ciconie. Send pictures from your smartphone to your grand-parents' hands.

2011 – 2015: PhD degree in nuclear fusion research, Plasma Physics Laboratory (LPP), École Polytechnique, Paris. I compared phenomena between experiments (what did we measure?) & simulation (is that realistic?). Contributed to social animation among PhD students.

2011 (6 months): Work placement with ESTEC (European Space Agency) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Assessed radio blackout numerically during a high velocity atmospheric re-entry.

2008 (7 months): Military service with the Parisian fire brigade. Between emergency interventions, performed the carbon accounting of the brigade.

Languages and computer skills

It always starts by talking to people! French is my native language, English is fluent and I have some knowledge of German to reactivate. What follows is about computers.

Backend development: Daily experience with C++ 14/17 and Rust. Older experience with NodeJS and Python. Do a bit of Go and tamed SQLite/MySQL/PostgreSQL + Nginx.

Devops: Got my hands dirty with Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana, Loki… Self-host most of my web services. Know-how with Debian and Arch linux btw.

Data science: Keras, Tensorflow, viz with Pivot, Apache Zeppelin & Superset. During my PhD, caught evanescent signals with FFT, MUSIC, HHT. Open sourced work in Landmark (Shazam) acoustic fingerprinting.

Frontend development: JS, WebAssembly, React, Typescript/Flow. Experience with WebRTC.


2020: Numa Nouvelle Vague biweekly workshops, to become a better manager.

2013 (2 months): Stanford Ignite program, Paris. An intensive program to learn the business fundamentals necessary to succeed in any entrepreneurial venture.

2010 – 2011: Engineering degree + Research master, Supaero, Toulouse. Major in aeronautics and fluid mechanics. Master in Dynamics, energetics and transfers.

2007 – 2011: Engineering degree, École Polytechnique, Paris. Multidisciplinary Master Degree, major in Mechanical Engineering.

2005 – 2007: Classes Préparatoires MPSI-PSI*, Stanislas, Paris.

2005: Scientific A-levels, Saint Jean de Passy High School, Paris.

Other interests

Enthusiastic squash player, with some competition in a team.
Telemark skiing, a fun old-fashioned technique with free heels.

Privacy and ethical design resonate in me.
One day, I'd like to study sociology.

Last update: March 23rd 2021