Is the Catholic Church anti-capitalist? (Jacques-Benoît Rauscher)

Is the Catholic Church anti-capitalist? (Jacques-Benoît Rauscher)

"We can no longer have faith in the blind forces and invisible hand of the market." This quote is not from a political party manifesto, but an apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis in 2013.

Far from making the sovereign pontiff a Marxist preacher, these comments are in fact in keeping with the social doctrine of the Church which has always eyed the credos of the capitalist economy with a degree of mistrust.

So why are the Pope's positions in economic matters so difficult to read and so rarely discussed, in stark contrast to his stance on bioethics or sexual morality?

Jacques-Benoît Rauscher holds a PhD in sociology, is a specialist in social and economic sciences, and is a graduate of Sciences Po. He is a Dominican priest, and currently works at the University of Freiburg, where he is preparing a PhD in theology.

Picture at the top (source) represents a part of the church of the Dominican Order priory Sainte Marie de La Tourette, located on a hillside near Lyon (France). It has been designed in the fifties by the architect Le Corbusier. Conferences are held there: more info.