Wadsworth Constant: the first 30% of videos can be safely skipped

Wadsworth Constant: the first 30% of videos can be safely skipped

The Wadsworth Constant is an axiom which states that the first 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no worthwhile or interesting information.

For EVERY youtube video, I always open the video and then immediately punch the slider bar to about 30 percent. For example, in this video, it should have just started at :40. Everything before :40 was a waste. This holds true for nearly every video in the universe.


On October 1st, 2011, Redditor grim_fandango posted an image on the r/pics subreddit titled “And so ends 20 years of frustration,” which contained instructions on how to fold a bed sheet. In the comments, Redditor KillerRefreshRate asked “How the hell do you get from 3 to 4?”, to which Redditor octal9 responded with a link to an instructional YouTube video. Redditor Wadsworth commented on the video link with the following message:

wadsworth reddit


The same day, the blog The Daily Dot[6] posted an article about the axiom and numerous definition entries for the term were submitted to Urban Dictionary.[10] Redditor ReachingHorizons posted a follow-up thread called “And so the Wadsworth Constant was born,”[3] which received over 19,005 up votes and 15,768 down votes before archival.

On October 4th, YouTuber monadamm uploaded an explanatory video titled “What is the wadsworth constant?” which also demonstrated as an example of the axiom with the definition beginning at 0:10.