Élan School

Élan School

Élan School was a private, coeducational, and controversial residential behavior modification program and therapeutic boarding school in Poland, Androscoggin County, Maine. It was a full member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). The facility was closed down in 2011 due to allegations of abuse, many from former students, dating back to its opening in 1970. (Wikipedia)

Testimony written on Reddit:

I was sent to a place called The Elan School in 1998 and I was only 16. The scary thing is that Elan is still open, kids aged 13-20 are there right now. Normal kids, many whom may have smoked a joint or two, or who swore at their parents. Of course there were also real criminals there, but they did not make up the majority.

The "school" accepted anyone and then held them as long as they possibly could depending on the age of the child. If you were sent at 14 (many were) you may have been looking at 3-4 years. This is because The Elan School collects $50,000 a year per child, either from the child's state, school, or parents. And, of course, money was the only motivation of the staff and directors. These were the people in charge of your "progress" in the program. (…)

Disturbing comic from a former student / inmate: elan.school


Some excerpts to give you some insight about how it went inside it:

The school could operate for 41 years thanks to a smart combination of the following three famous psychology concepts: