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You can contact me on Diaspora* and LinkedIn but please be aware that I'm not on Facebook anymore.
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Work experience

2015-present Founding a service of live radio streams analysis: Adblock Radio
Automatically detect advertisements in radio streams and mute them.
Build an alternative business model for radios.
2015-2016 CEO and co-founder of Ciconie
Send pictures from your smartphone to your grand-parents' hands.
2011-2015 PhD degree in nuclear fusion research, Plasma Physics Laboratory (LPP), École Polytechnique, Paris.
Students representative: chaired regular meetings & contributed to social animation (2011-2013).
Thesis (in French, 2015)Main research article (2015)
2011 (6 months) Work placement with ESTEC (European Space Agency) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.
Assessed radio blackout numerically during a high velocity atmospheric re-entry.
Thesis (in English, 2011)
2008 (7 months) Military service with the Parisian fire brigade.
Between emergency interventions, performed the carbon accounting of the brigade.

Languages and computer skills


2013 (2 mo.) Stanford Ignite program, Paris. An intensive program to learn the
business fundamentals necessary to succeed in any entrepreneurial venture.
2007-2011 Engineering degree, École Polytechnique, Paris (2007-2010).
Multidisciplinary Master Degree, major in Mechanical Engineering.
Engineering degree + Research master, Supaero, Toulouse (2010-2011).
Major in aeronautics and fluid mechanics. Master in Dynamics, energetics and transfers.
2005-2007 Classes Préparatoires MPSI-PSI*, Stanislas, Paris.
2004-2005 Scientific A-levels, Saint Jean de Passy High School, Paris.

Other interests

Sports Enthusiastic squash player & telemark skier (fun old-fashioned technique with free heels)
Digital side of politics Net neutrality, security and privacy. Web decentralization.
Strengthening democracy through genuine free speech and debates.

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